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Discover the perfect salary for every role with ease. Ensure competitive offers and hire the best talents efficiently.

Designed for HR Managers & Recruiters

Stay ahead of the competition

Instantly get salary insights based on position, city, and experience.

Is this position difficult to fill?

Determine the hiring difficulty in any given location

In-office or fully remote?

Custom recommendations on work setup - in-office, hybrid, or remote.

Why use our Product

For Recruiters:

Stand out from the competition by offering competitive salaries and benefits that top talents can't resist. Equip yourself with data-driven insights to negotiate confidently and close positions faster. Stay always one step ahead in the recruitment game.

For HR Specialists:

Ensure employee satisfaction and reduce turnover with fair compensation. By aligning rewards with market trends, foster a culture of recognition & trust. This boosts morale but also positions your company as an employer of choice.

For HR Managers:

Streamline the hiring process and align with industry standards without hours of research. Leverage the power of AI to predict & adapt to evolving the evolving market. Empower your team with informed decision-making.

For CEOs

Enhance your company's brand image and reputation in the industry by ensuring attractive compensation for all employees. A fair compensation strategy reflects a company's commitment to valuing and respecting its workforce.

How to use HireAITool?

  • 1. Input Details: Simply enter the position, city, country, and years of experience.
  • 2. Get Insights: Our AI will provide a detailed response with a salary range and benefits.
  • 3. Make an Offer: Use the insights to make a competitive offer and secure top talent.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HireAITool exactly?

HireAITool is a cutting-edge SaaS platform designed to revolutionize the recruitment and HR industry. By utilizing the power of advanced AI algorithms, our tool assists companies in determining competitive salaries and benefits packages for prospective candidates. All a company needs to do is input specific details such as the job position, city, country, and years of experience. HireAITool then analyzes vast amounts of industry data and provides a detailed, customized response. For instance, it can inform you that a software developer in Amsterdam with 2 years of experience, specializing in React, should earn between 40k and 60k euros annually. Additionally, it highlights standard benefits for such a position, like daily commute expenses coverage, provision of company phone and laptop, or free lunches at the office. This ensures that businesses can offer attractive, market-aligned compensation packages, thereby attracting and retaining top talent.

What do I get if I pre-order?

With the pre-order, you get an early birds price with lifetime access. You are also one of the first to get access to the app when it comes out.

When will HireAITool be available?

We are currently beta testing HireAITool. We hope to launch it in the next few weeks. We want users to have the best possible experience before it's realesed, so please bear with us!

How does the pricing work?

Our pricing is designed to be as dynamic and accommodating as our tool. We're currently offering an exclusive early bird pre-sale price, available for a limited time only. This special rate is our way of saying thanks to our pioneering users who join us early on this journey. Once this introductory phase ends, our standard pricing will come into effect, featuring both monthly and yearly subscription options to suit different needs and budgets. Stay tuned for more details, and don't miss out on the opportunity to secure your early bird advantage!